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Partying the New Years Eve 2006 Away in Montreal

As the cherry on top of the Sunday, New Years Eve is dangerously approaching. The one, the big traditional blow out, to bid good buy to this year and welcome the next one in style. And if there is one thing we know how to do in Montreal, well it is to celebrate. We don't even need excuses in order to party, so New Years Eve always is a crazy crazy night.

As the tradition goes, absolutely EVERY club will host a crazy party, the hotels will be packed to capacity and hordes of Montrealers and visitors will be drinking the new years eve away, dancing and doing tons of other ill shit all night long.

With so much partying options how is conscious party animal to make a choice? That's where we come in the picture. The crew at Montreal-Clubs, the same people that turned drinking into a respectable profession, are here to help you with all your new years eve 2006 decisions.

So if you plan to be in Montreal for the upcoming new years party (and you should, cause it's gonna be the craziest party on Earth…. alright… in the top 10 for sure) then this site is exactly what you need. We put it up just for you and your new year eve plans. We leave the un-respectable new year resolutions to you.

First thing, first, here is a listing of all the biggest new year eve 2006 parties in Montreal. Then you should also probably sleep somewhere when you're here (but please don't waste too much time sleeping), so you can book hotels online here. Finally, visit the other sections and links here to find out whatever you want about Montreal and partying for the new years here.


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