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    New Year's Eve in Montreal
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    Hotels & Lodging
    Information on hotels and lodging in Montreal for the New Years Eve 2005 week-end

    Surviving the New Year's Eve 2005 Party in Montreal

    No, you're not mistaken. It's not 2005 anymore.

    You might have landed on this page but you don't want to be stuck in the past, do you?

    Now what you really want (and need) is the New Year Eve events info page.

    Or you might want to check out our full
    New Years party listings.

    New Years Eve 2005 parties

    Believe it or not, this year's New Years Eve happens to fall on a Friday night, and that can only be a very good thing. No more excuses not to party, both on the 31st and on the 1st, no danger of showing up to work hung over, and plenty of time to recuperate while watching a football game on Sunday.

    Planning a good New Years Eve party in Montreal is no small task, and that is why we decided to put up this site, full of party saving resources. What kind of selfish pricks would we be if we don't give you all the info you need to make your 2005 new years eve party a night to remember.

    You will find here tons of listings for the many 2006 New Years eve events going on in and around Montreal. You will also get the latest scoop on Montreal hotels and lodging, not a small task, as pretty much all the hotel rooms in town will be booked.
    To complement it all, we have set up links to various useful resources, including detailed nightlife insider-info from, links to maps of Montreal, tourist information web sites and much more.

    Lets hope for such a good start
    for the New Year 2005
    So explore, plan well, prepare yourself and party it out like it was the end of the millennium all over again.

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