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04 July
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03 July
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19 June

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Kaba Horo and No Jazz craziness at the Montreal Jazz Fest

Damn, it was a crazy night yesterday at the Jazz Fest. Kaba Horo, the band I told you to go see, turned the corner of Jeanne-Mance and Maisoneuve into a gypsy wedding. The crowd grooved and danced while the band was having a blast: Lubo Alexandrov (the guitarist) and the base player were going all crazy, like real rock stars, the darbuka (tma-tam like drum) player fell from his chair, the band added improves to their songs while the energy flowed back and forth from the crowd to the band. I have seen Kaba Horo live a couple of time before, but this was their best show. The accordion guy made his instrument cool again (I knew the accordion was about to make a come back), the guitarist blew everyone?s mind off with contagious Gypsy rifts, and pretty much everyone in the band had his 5 minutes of fame and showcased their skills, the darbuka player especially with a 30 seconds solo. That?s what the Jazz Fest is all about for me, free outdoor live shows of music you probably wouldn?t hear on the radio, and Kaba Horo is definitely out of the reach of commercial radio. We filmed some of it, cause Montreal-Clubs.com has always been cooler than commercial media, and cause we always think about you, the reader, in case you missed the show. You can watch the bootlegs here: Kaba Horo video 1 | Kaba Horo video 2.

The show ended with the crowd and me asking for more, but Kaba Horo had to go. Everyone walked away with smiles on their faces.

The night at the Jazz Fest was far from over for me though. I moved only a hundred meters to another stage, to hear a band whose name, No Jazz, grabbed my attention earlier yesterday while reading through the fest?s schedule.

And No Jazz put up an amazing show too. They play a mix of Jazz with electronic music while a DJ injects some scratch left and right, a weird but amazing mix.

Now these guys play something that you wouldn?t hear on radio either, so it was quite a discovery for me. I?ve always liked saxophone jamming; combining it to a deep electro beat is a brilliant idea. Again, the street turned into a dance floor, while one of the band members, with the weirdest haircut ever, danced like a crazed monkey onstage, you can see some of that on video here.

And then it started pouring. Heavy, rain forest storm rain, but the crowd remained. Romantic, maybe cheesy, still I was dancing in the rain.

From the Gypsy dances of Kaba Horo, to the rave-jazz of No Jazz, and the tropical storm, Monday night at the Jazz Fest was real crazy fun, of the type that happens in Montreal only.

PS: and get the music of these two bands, you lazy bum.

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