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5 trends for nails New york(Ap)Move over, studded bracelets and chandelier earrings.Right now, it all about nails. Rhinestones, 3 d designs, textured topcoats and new offerings from fashion royalty have upped the ante on fingertips, said kahlana barfield, beauty director for instyle magazine. Seeing so many nail artists emerging and nail art salons that are launching, she said.Showing up across the country.Nails are an accessory now in the same way as jewelry, but a more affordable one.What does a decent design in lacquer cost?Barfield says $30 to $35 should do it, depending on the bling.But embellishments, treatments and extensions can up the price to $250 or more. For the diy inclined, a simple trip to the drug store for pins, stickers and rhinestones offers a more inexpensive option. Are being super, super creative with nail art.Really having fun, barfield said.Are a talking point.Trends for nails: Got a thing for those red soled christian louboutins?The shoe designer is hoping his fashionista fans will go for his first try at beauty glossy, luxe nail lacquer that launched this month in his signature hue. Rouge louboutin, loaded with pigment that goes on easily, is priced at $50 for an eight inch spiky bottle based on the tallest heel he ever came up with, the ballerina ultima.Thirty more colors are on the way. Nails have become a growth market for designers:Phillip lim and his 3.1 Phillip Lim brand have a new collaboration with Nars.Burberry opened its first beauty store, including polishes, in london covent garden last year.Anna sui, michael kors, marc jacobs and tom ford are all recent entrants. Prabal gurung works with sally hansen and brit girl alexa chung came up with fabric inspired finishes for london based nails inc.Her bottles include a cashmere look and heavy glitter options. Louboutin lacquers are the most expensive for a major brand. The chanels and the diors have been doing nail polish forever, but what great about louboutin is there are so many women who love his shoes but might not be able to afford them.It a way of getting a piece of the brand, barfield said.Bottle is like a piece of art.He wanted it to be something that looked beautiful on a woman vanity and on her fingers.Manis Ciara, beyonce and adele have all blinged out the underside of their nails. Kind of like a peekaboo.It unexpected.The long, almond shaped nails are really big right now, so they allow enough real estate for you to embellish underneath your nail, barfield said.Is a new twist on nail art, which is such a big trend right now.You don have to get this done.You can do it yourself at home.A small jewel or stud with spray glue, or go for bright colors that complement the front side. Naja rickette, a los angeles nail artist and consultant whose clients include miranda lambert, said flip sides offer a lot of freedom for texture. And confetti and all kind of stuff are happening on the underside.You can wear a plain color then have fun on the back, she said. Extensions, gels or natural sharpened tips are in. Done them.Adele, fergie.We seeing it more and more.They buffed at the tips so that how you keep from hurting yourself, barfield said.No danger.Look began popping up on red carpets about a year ago and is still going strong, she said. Rickette said the stiletto also has morphed into a coffin. Like a tapered square that actually looks like the shape of a coffin.It a really beautiful shape.It elongates most people fingers, she said. Barfield considers gels a great option for people who don want to be in the nail shop once a week, but the removal process, which involves soaking nails in polish remover, can damage nails. Now, nail companies are making gel effect topcoats and lacquers in a range of prices that offer a week or more of shine without the hassle, barfield said.No uv light is needed and they come off easily with regular polish remover. Sally hansen miracle gel in bare dare and the company miracle gel top coat are available at drugstores for $10 each. In june, opi and ace hardware teamed up for an exclusive line of clark and kensington interior paint colors paired with iconic corresponding opi nail shades. Broken into three distinctive color palettes for the dreamer, the romantic and the wild at heart, the nail shades include a whimsical blue called can find my czechbook and gargantuan green grape. Get the full the bang out of it will be next year.It takes time, said suzi weiss fischmann, co founder and artistic director for opi.
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Stocks that capitalize on chinese consumers When i first traveled there in 1987 the streets were filled with bicycles, travel restrictions were severe, drab colored mao suits were ubiquitous and luxuries were nonexistent. Twenty five years later china's economy is 40 times larger, unimaginable wealth has been created, and with it has come a seemingly insatiable appetite for luxury goods and brands. Chinese consumers now account for a third of global sales for italian high fashion brands prada prada and gucci.Total annual spending on luxury goods by chinese consumers is nearly $49.3 billion, Bain Co.Estimates show, compared with the $60.4 billion shelled out by Americans. Do you really think paris or milan dictates the latest fashion trends?China is driving growth at the largest luxury brands. If the chinese consumer is demanding certain colors, cuts and styles, we will see more of those on runways and in collections worldwide. Nowhere is china's heavy influence more apparent than in the market for jewelry.From 2010 to 2015 demand for jewelry is expected to grow by 52% in china and 44% in india. To meet that demand, diamond production is expected to grow 40% from 2010 to 2020.It's known particularly for its colored gems, including a shade called bubble gum pink.Petra shares have a price/earnings ratio of 17.4, and its enterprise value to cash flow multiple is less than two.The company has more than 1, 600 hong kong retail outlets and a strong presence in 320 cities on the mainland. Forbes dividend stock daily service sends you one great dividend stock idea every trading day. High end fashion apparel and accessories are also fertile ground for investors.Michael kors(Kors, 50), which trades on the NYSE, is another red hot favorite among Chinese.It recently opened its fifth, and largest, store in china and expects to open 15 more by the end of the year. There are some important things to keep in mind when investing in chinese luxury stocks. First, the chinese are well informed about brands, prices and quality.Forget the commonly held belief that the chinese love counterfeit goods.This is a big change from just a few years ago when people would buy just about anything with a certain logo on it. My research firm specializes in"Man on the street"Interviews.One striking observation we recently made was a sharp drop in aspiration for foreign brands versus domestic brands in certain categories. Chinese consumers increasingly want to buy local, especially when it comes to sportswear and cellular handsets.These manufacturers tend to be more nimble in adapting to local tastes at appropriate price points. Its stock trades at a p/e of 14.9 and five times cash flow.Other local brands to watch are kweichow moutai kweichow moutai and privately held fashion and bridal gown maker ne tiger. Investors would be wise to tap into chinese demand for luxury.Most brokers can help you buy hong kong traded shares.But keep an eye on local competition.The chinese have a saying: "If a string has one end, then it has another end. "
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