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What's your MO?

by Andromeda & Cosmic Girl

Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea. The question is: are you reeling in the right catches? Maybe it is time to switch bait…

Every girl has her own set of moves, best pick-up outfit, and favorite pair of sexy underwear. Yet a woman on the prowl will definitely adopt a whole attitude–get into character, if you will — in order to successfully lure in her prey. Perhaps her secret weapon is using a combination of personas, hovering between the saintly, doe-eyed beauty and the bad-girl, itching for a wild ride. Depending on how she may feel, or the kind of play she craves, here are some foolproof guidelines a girl could use in order to hook that certain someone and satisfy all her carnal desires.

Miss Independent
You know, the type of girl that walks in like she owns the place. She slithers across the room alone or perhaps with her entourage and glances around non-specifically merely scoping out the scene. With drink in hand, Miss Independent will carry on a casual conversation with those around her. However, with every toss of her hair and occasional sip of her drink, she glances around the room to check out if any eyes are on her. Maybe she’ll lock eyes with a dark stranger, briefly nonetheless, because Miss Independent can’t let it be known that she’s into someone. This should be taken as a compliment though. If she’s already set an individual in her sights, chances are they’ve got the green light to go in. When one approaches this sly vixen, she may not respond to the usual wylie charms. No, she’s not a bitch, that’s just Miss Independent’s nature. Her lust-interest should play it cool, not try too hard — Miss Independent has inevitably heard all the best one-liners. Getting her to talk about herself is always a good idea — the excessive decibel level in the club/bar giving the perfect excuse to get close and carry on a conversation. She can be coaxed onto the dance floor and that’s where tame yet electrifying moves can help win her over. Although she might be apprehensive and cold at first, if one plays their cards right, they’ll have Miss Independent melting.

The Cock-Tease
This girl is out to have a good time and won’t let anything stand in her way. The Cock-Tease lives in the moment, rather than considering the aftermath of her subtly flirtatious behavior. She wants any male attention she can get, and is definitely not trying to hide it. Maybe she’ll focus her energies on a single lucky gentleman, but that doesn’t mean that he’s getting anything potent out of the whole deal. Guys, beware of getting sucked into her trap — the Cock-Tease is only after your undevoted love-and-attention (and is perhaps hoping to get a few free drinks out of it). Once she has you wrapped around her little finger, she’ll drop you faster than you can say “your place or mine?” She’s a modern-day, vamped-up Don Juan: for her, it’s all about the thrill of the chase. If her prey cannot read through her undoubtedly sketchy gimmick, he’s in for major disappointment, and a bad case of blue balls.

Full-on Flirt
Ok, as a basic rule of thumb, less is more, but one has to admit that the aggressive-done-right approach can be a real turn-on. In this case, steering clear from the hard-core shots is always a good idea, seeing as nobody wants to end up with a disgruntled, bitter vixen, unable to pull off her usual ploys due to extreme intoxication. Read: “You know what your problem is?” However, a solid performance by a professional temptress can be impressive. The Full-on Flirt won’t hold back and is eager to please. There will be no doubts as to whom she wants to take home (and what she wants to do to him). She might even resort to the classic lesbian-for-a-night move and get her man really riled-up by making out with one of her more liberal girlfriends. All this diva has to do is remember not to go overboard with her main man’s buddies. She should pace herself and focus her attention on one person at a time. While this is merely a suggestion, by no means should the Full-on Flirt hinder herself — surely there’s a swingers club nearby.

So regardless of your preference, ladies, all that really matters is finding what truly works for you. Straying too far from your authentic personality usually leads to unfruitful results, ultimately reeling in the wrong catch. Nevertheless, the thrill of the chase can be exhilarating. Guys seem to have no reservations when it comes to hooking-up. So why not adopt the same attitude? Whether you are the shy, coquettish type or the full-fledged vixen, get out there ladies. Be yourself and learn to harness your feminine wiles. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to let go and indulge in the moment.
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