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by Mistress Suki and Trixie

Mistress Suki is a specialist in tightening the gimp mask while Trixie polishes the marble ball before she shoves it in your mouth…just kidding…about the part where she polishing the ball! Anyways, get a load of these two fine whipping ladies.

As a pair of women who have frequented Dr. Smooth’s “Locations of Encounter”, we feel these scenes provide an atmosphere of opportunity for any female, no matter what type of men you intend to quarry. A fun night out with the girls, some free drinks and perhaps a successful catch is possible with the right tools (we never leave our dominatrix den without a thong and a whip). So read on for our personal suggestions on each location…who knows, maybe you could find the perfect “one night spank” that you’re looking for.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops in Montreal are not just for sipping chai lattes. They are libraries in guise. Because of this, coffee shops become the perfect place for seeking out a campus crush. A tip: just because you discover your desired man’s daily routine, doesn’t mean you should attempt to appear coincidentally all the time; this behaviour borders into the realm of stalking. Instead, take this opportunity to see if you can find something in common – a class, a friend, extra whipped cream(?). Another perk of this daytime “location of encounter” is the ability to see your target in full daylight – this will avoid possible morning-after shocks suffered after an evening of drunken haze and funky strobe light effects. Another tip: if he likes whipped cream, imagine the kinky foreplay you could incorporate into the bedroom; we recommend frozen grapes on him and Altoids on you.

Clubs and Bars

Clubs and bars are the best places to meet new people. If you want to check out someone’s rhythmic capabilities, as a preview for some post-club sexual acrobatics, go dancing at a club. If he is finished for the night after a couple of songs, then there will probably be no foreplay. If he dances like he could deliver an evening of sexual ecstasy, then find out if it’s true. However, if you would rather have a juicy pussy (shot) and a couple of orgasms (drink) then go to a bar. Skirts are key for places with stools and scantily clad tops are great for places with tables. Approaching someone at the bar will most likely score you free drinks. Make sure he orders the drink for you, because what a guy drinks can tell a lot about him: repeated shots could indicate alcoholism unless they’re blowjobs, in which case could indicate that he may be a “…but he’s gay” (see below), white russians indicate that he’s seen “The Big Lebowski” too many times, and getting the 2-for-1 indicates that he intends to stay around for awhile.

Gay Clubs

In addition to Dr. Smooth’s suggested locations, we suggest male gay clubs for a good time. Keep in mind, this ‘good time’ will not result in heterosexual hook-ups. Straight women who go to gay clubs are known as “mo-hos”; this is the term ordained to those of us who like men and enjoy the company of homosexuals. These clubs are packed with hot, sexy and delicious people you will want to jump – these will also all be the “…but he’s gay” men! If you think that a stud is looking at you, he’s not; there is probably some guy he’s checking out behind you. Be that as it may, do not be deterred from gay clubs. Who cares if you go home alone, you’ll still have a fantastic night with your friends, sweating alongside beautiful people.

So go on and explore the city’s nightlife. If worse comes to worst and your night of partying doesn’t land you the slave of your fantasies, Mistress Suki and Trixie have discovered that you can create your own fun with a thong, cuffs, and a whip.

Planning for New Years now made easier than planning for a wedding.

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