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Why wait? Plan your New Years early.

by Evgeny

Living it up, rock'n'roll style

At montreal-clubs.com we have always liked to break stories first, and get royally pissed when others steal our scoop and up with all the cred. Well, we are doing it again, cause our trustworthy correspondent managed to get out of his AA meeting in time to chat with Seamo (Seamus Cowan) from Bullmoose. And when these guys hit off their first tour, the Night Danger Tour, at Le Swimming on March 17 (9PM on a Thursday), you can be sure you'll hear about it in the "main stream" press. It doesn't matter, cause we already asked them the hard hitting questions, anything after this will be child play for these rockers. The answers were just slightly modified in order to suit a public of all ages. Rock'n'Roll can get pretty hard core sometimes, we all know that.

Is Guns N'Roses a role model for the perfect rock'n'roll life style and if it is, how closely do you guys follow it?

Seamo Yes and No. You know why? Well, yes because they succeeded in rocking the shit out of people for years and there tunes, however dated they may sound now are considered classic. They're almost canonized! I mean, they represent a point in music where and when people just didn't give a shit and wanted to go out and party with whoever wanted to be there. Party. There's a lack of that ideal happening right now though I think it's on the upswing. There's growing segregation thing rampant in the current "good" music scene where not only certain styles attract a definitive demographic but also deter. I want it to be simple, accepted and exciting for anyone to go to a show and rock the night away! We all need this as musical artists because we all benefit from it. We need to mix with each other. We need to communicate with each other. We need to burst each other's bubble and flow together! I guess I have to continue with the "no" side to this question. I would say simply that, no they are not a great model because they broke up but obviously that is something way more complex than I explain as we don't know all the reasons why. I guess like a relationship, people just grow apart and develop new interests...Not everyone can be the Stones or Zeppelin though we all know that those stories don't have the happiest of endings either!

Do you sometimes have to take a hit for the team (the band) and hook up with groupies you don't want, just to create extra buzz around the band?

S I'd like to say that's an easy one Evgeny but you know what, it's all about evolution and we're all at different points in relationships, I guess all the time. Tell you what, let's let that one slide but no, we try to do boring things like let the music and facial contortions do the buzz making for the band.

Some messed up stories about being on the road, sleeping in weird places, getting in fights with other bands?

S We've been pretty lucky actually when it comes from messed up shit on the road but we did however have a fully debaucherous session in TO @ Kim Cattrall's apartment. No fights. Slept in all kinds of wack places, dirty pillows. Lindsay, Ontario has always been full on morning-til-you-puke style. A couple domestics you know. Oshawa too. Travelling around the countryside is the only way to have yourself exposed to it all.
You know I almost got thrown into the think tank one night outside a club Ontario called Duck's. I was with our soundman in our van with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other. The van was running because we were checking out some Gov't Mule when a cop comes around the corner, barks at me, we both bark back and I get sent to the cruiser. I got lucky.

How does a Canadian band go about making its self heard in the US and are the Americans snobing our bands?

S How? You tell me! It's tough enough in the Canadian market to get "heard". There are many factors, including the old "being in the right place at the right time" deal, that determine your success. I think we can all agree in Bullmoose that we are here to make an impression in Canada before we do so anywhere else. That's why we worked our asses off to release "Lessons Learned" (our first CD last year) and also tour as much as possible. We're really psyched to be doing our first Western Canadian Tour this spring.
The one thing I can say about US/Canadian music relations is that it would be a whole lot easier for us as Canadian musicians limited to a small amount of ears in our own country to have an open boarder. I was talking about this the other day and the fact that you can have a really genre specific act these days in the US and really be successful at it! You can reach SO many more eyes and ears. You can be a part of a nationwide scene a lot easier though the net is helping with that too.
We all know that touring is one of the most important things a band can do to get themselves out to the world. I just hope that some options might come up in the future that will allow us to travel more freely across boarders. I'm going for metaphors here man!

Is there still a revival of Montreal rock like what seems to have occurred with Sam Roberts, The Stills and others or is this just a temporary thing?

S I think Montreal is a great place to be period. Look at this place! Everyone wants to be here that has ever been here. The one thing that seems to prevent a lot of folk from staying is the language barrier but in a way it's becoming easier for people to stay here. I'm not denouncing the culture or anything because I think that the uniqueness of French culture is one of the main attractions the city provides. There's heritage here. People seem to really give a shit about the image and soul of the city. Keeping it old and timeless is a priority.
When it comes to music, there is a lot of tradition here. Some of Canada's greatest artists have come from the city and I think there are many more to come honestly. There is a huge mix of people here that sometimes blows my mind! We three come from two small towns in Ontario just north of Kingston about 3 hours from here and I would never have thought, living there most of my youth, that I would have experienced so many cultures and art in one tiny area we know as Montreal.
Everyone's talking about Montreal as being an incredible hotbed for artists now...I think it's cool though I think it can sort of be harmful to artist's natural progression to just produce without extraneous pressures and expectations. Look at Sam Roberts, The Arcade Fire, The Stills... They've all got it going on for sure but they're all under the gun to produce the next big thing each record now. I don't necessarily think that they are all thinking of it that way but you can bet their fans have high expectations. I think it's great to push yourself as sometime's it's the only way to get off your ass and perform. I just hope that everyone stays true to what they're doing and keep this shit next level. It's so important to make what's important to you and not the fame. I call it blurry vision.
Hey, we're feeling it here and are glad to be a part of this beautiful scene. I get to look out my window and see a mountain in the middle of my city. I love this city so much! Rock and roll is here to stay no matter they have to say.

Check out Bullmoose online at www.bullmoose.ca and get their first album Lessons Learned.

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