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Why wait? Plan your New Years early.

Don't let NYE catch you with your pants down.

by Montreal-Clubs.com Crew

This is exactly how your New Years should start

Montreal-Clubs.com New Years Eve Party Guide

It's that time again; another year has passed by and you hope that the next one will be better. To be frank, things will probably not improve. Still, that doesn't have to stop you from going hard core on New Years Eve. Alcohol will help you erase the memories that cripple you, and allow you to start the New Year in an artificial-alcohol-induced state of happiness and joy.

But if you are like the majority of common mortals, you still haven't got the slightest clue of what you will end up doing that night. Being the compassionate people that we are, here at Montreal-Clubs.com, we'll try to help you with a few tips.

In Da Club as Fithy would say it

Pretty much every club in town will have a big party on New Years Eve. Expect the best DJ's to be spinning, Champaign to be flowing at midnight, and tons of drunken Montrealers and Americans around you. Don't forget that this coming edition of New Years Eve has been placed on a Friday night by some superior, yet well intentioned, party force. A herd of party-lusting tourists are thus expected to grace our town with their presence. New this year though, most likely a dangerous move too, is the surprising number of clubs that are offering open-bars all night long. You are strongly encouraged to get your tickets in advance, and get to the clubs early, unless you want to do the countdown outside in the cold with the bouncer. For more info, check out our special New Years Eve page (you can buy tickets for all the biggest NYE parties here) and our Special Events section.

In Da After-Hours

If you are real, then you would move to an after-hour after the clubs close. If you are even more real, or totally fucked-up, depending on whom you ask, then you will spend your whole New Years Eve at an after-hours. Obviously, you won't be looking to get drunk that night, which is a very sad thing. Worth mentioning, Infected Mushrooms will be at Aria (having a huge techno name here for NYE just shows how big this city is getting in the techno scene). Stereo (http://www.stereo-nightclub.com) and Circuis will also be putting up good shows, so you'll have plenty of candy to choose from.

Da Big Parties

Now, if you are some kind of a machine and like to surround you're self with several thousands sweating bodies, than the big parties like the traditional Celebration 2005, Apocalypse 2005 and Le Bal Des Boys are perfect for you. After having ran the new Sona to the ground, and failed to open a nightclub complex at the Pepsi-Forum (no one like to party in a mall, I thought that was pretty obvious), the now-corporate styled 514 Productions made sure that a lot of big names will be at Celebration 2005. Apocalypse 2005 is held in Laval this year, so you wont have to cab it for 40$ from Chomedey to down-town, freeing that much more money to drink. Le Bal Des Boys will be at held at the Pepsi-Forum (how ironic).

Da House

House parties will be all over the place, and can also be an amazing way to start the New Year. It's just that it is a bit impolite to walk in the house party across from your apartment if you don't know anyone there and were not actually invited. And if you have the guts to organize one, make sure everything is planned way in advance and you ready to face any unexpected situation, including a fist fight between your girlfriend and that chick from school that you have been fantasizing about.

New Years Eve is for loosers

You might feel the urge not to do anything on New Years Eve, and that is your constitutionally-protected right. Please, at least watch the NYC ball-drop at midnight, and take one shot before you go to bed at 12:30 AM. Make sure to call the police if you're neighbour's house party is still going on. After all, passed 11PM, they aren't allowed to make noise, and there are no exceptions for NYE day.

Have a good and safe New Years Eve party, drunk too much, but don't drive, and don't forget to wake up on Monday to go to work or school.

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