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Not the breakfast you were hoping for?
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You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning, your head is pounding and you have no recollection whatsoever of last night's adventures, only to turn in pain in your bed and discover a perfect stranger laying next to you.

Yes that feeling. It's unpleasant, it's painful and stressful. But the past is the past, and you have to take responsibility for your mistakes. The future though is a whole new chapter, and what better way to get out of a hard spot by pretending you have a busy morning and must leave immediately.

Yes, that Sunday morning brunch can serve more than simply a nutritious role: it can actually get you out of trouble. But for your sortie to be credible, you must know what you're talking about when say "brunch", and here is where once again rides to the rescue, with this fabulously smart and funny article. (Make sure to learn it by heart).

The big piece of bacon: The Burgundy Lion

Yes, we will talk about neighbourhood bar once again, and not only because we love it, but because the serve one mean brunch on the week-ends (that's the Burgundy Lion BTW). The have something called "Full Monty" that can only be described with a quote from the bar's actual menu:

Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Blood Pudding, Small Squeak, Kippers, English Toast, Roast Beef, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Fried Tomato

What really sets this monster of a brunch item apart is the blood pudding (you will never see blood the same way), the salty kippers (you will respect drunken British sailors a whole lot more) and the bacon, a thick piece of pig fat, that makes you happy to be alive.

The fancy burger: Thursday's

You wont hear praise Thursday's, or any other pub on god-forsaken Crescent street much (except for beloved Brutopia obviously).

But Thursday's for brunch is one of Montreal's best kept secrets. The serve you with free patisserie, so you can eat good croissants for free, and they have an amazing burger, perfect for rebooting your system from a tough night.

What's best is the old ladies at the bar: pay attention and you'll notice post-cougar retirees, in expensive clothing sipping expensive drinks while the clock is little past noon. Some people know how to party.

Cheapest to deliver: Blanche Neige

If you're a down-town hog (or should it be hag? editor is confused), then you've probably never heard of Blanche Neige, an old restaurant on Cote-des-Neiges near Cote-St-Catherine (5735 Cote-Des-Neiges). That's ok, because the management of Blanche Neige has never heard of the concept of inflation, and their basic breakfast item, of 2 eggs, bacon, toast and coffee, costs only 1.99$.

Yes, you read right, only 1.99$ (Canadian dollars, not American unfortunately). They have tons of other items on the menu (like pancakes or French toast) for ridiculously low prices too. I get my date and a few friends to eat like pigs there, and it sets me back only 20$.

So here you go, you have the 3 best places to eat brunch in Montreal. There are probably millions of others we should write about, but it's time to hit the pubs for a pint.

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