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Dealing with the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal by Erjy Kolaskin

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The F1 is strictly about the cars.
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The F1 is rolling into Montreal this week-end and that won't necessarily make everyone smile. Most unhappy are those concerned with the futility of having cars going round and round, burning tons of fuel in the process. Very unhappy are those that wish to get around town and continue their regular week-end debauchery, which will be impossible considering how many streets will be closed to traffic.

What's more, voices are heard to denounce the orgy of consumerism that the F1 week-end is. Yes, the Grand Prix week-end is bigger than God in Montreal, with more money spent during that week-end than for Christmas (or so the unproven urban legend goes).

All these understandable concerns don't mean that the rest of us can't at least indulge in this commercial orgy a little bit (or even very much). Life is short, and the summer is even shorter in Montreal, so we should do the best of it.

The geniuses that we are at, here are some pointers on how to make your F1 Grand Prix week-end a better one, in both consumerism and non-consumerism fashions simultaneously.

Getting around on Bixi

Yes, the F1 cars will pump tons of CO2 in the air and poison us a little more, and yes, traffic will be horribly heavy downtown, so leave you cars parked, and jump on a Bixi. Using the public bicycle network will be good for you, giving you a workout in between your sessions of beer drinking. Just be safe, and especially don't drive drunk.

St-Laurent Street vs Crescent Street

Somehow Crescent Street has become the kingdom of F1 fans, but the reality is that St-Laurent street is more fun. Both streets are closed to cars during the whole week-end and invaded by terrasses and events. Except that Crescent is closed only for the short stretch between St-Catherine and De Maisoneuve, whereas St-Laurent is closed for the stretch between Sherbrooke and Des Pins, giving you more clubs, bars, restaurants and other business to visit (like Rouge, B-Side, Gogo, Balroom Bar, Koko and much more). Also, Crescent Street gets insanely packed; so does St-Laurent, but it feels like there is more room on St-Laurent.

F1 parties and after-parties

If your goal is to "mingle" with F1 car drivers, and maybe with their crew, chances are you won't find them: they can't really afford to get drunk into the late hours of the night considering that they will be driving cars at over 150 km/hour for three days straight. However, if you want a high rolling experience, something that might be worth of F1 teams, your best high rolling bets are the upscale restaurants and supper-clubs the city has to offer, especially in Old Montréal, like for example le Garde Manger.

Testosterone cocktail

Really, the F1 is one big guys-night-out week-end: loud engines, lightning speed cars and lots and lots of barely-dressed ladies promoting all kinds of products, from electronics, to energy drink and car brands. In a purely marketing train of thoughts, the city will be invaded by ladies ready to have their picture taken with innocent bystanders, so that you can go back home and brag to your homies how much of a player you are. Yes, the ways of the male brain are not complicated, and marketers have long figured us out.

That's pretty much the basics. What you do with the rest of your F1 week-end is up to you. Enjoy the craziness and make sure to offset that carbon footprint somehow. Like maybe drinking local beer only, that wasn't hauled thousands of kilometers before getting in your mouth. This shouldn't be so hard, considering all the local breweries we have in Montreal.

Photo credit: ph-stop

Here is what I mean by guys-night-out week-end:

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It's your turn now. So speak-up.

Next is Iran, China,
Next is Iran, China, Cuba, North Korea, Israel, Veul.neea….zAll those govements who opress people because of their religion or views need to be freed. May God help us.
Written by Suzy on 2017-04-24.

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