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The Montreal Fashion Week, too good, too quick. by Erjy Kolaskyn

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Beautiful clothing optional
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Four days isnít much, but it was enough to turn Montreal into a mini Milan. Like every year, the Montreal Fashion Week was back, now in its 18th edition. Located in historically significant Marche Bonsecour, which was the biggest trading floor of the Old Port, the event featured the art of known and up-and-coming Montreal fashion designers, showcasing local talent at an international level.

Unfortunately for you, the Montreal Fashion Week is over. Even worse, you missed last nightís Party de Cloture (Closing Party) hosted at Koko, at the corner of St-Laurent and Sherbrooke Street.

I canít say much about the fashion at the Fashion Week because, well, I donít know much about fashion. Point: I consider La Maison Simon to be a top notch boutique.

What I do know is that the closing show by Denis Gagnon made a lot of noise, especially that it was open to the public, a great move to get us mortals to enjoy some high-couture. Mr. Gagnon surprised the crowd with a dress made entirely of zippers. Pretty brilliant idea if you ask me.

Fashion isnít just about cat-walks and two meter tall models. Itís also about getting the fashion out on the streets, for the beautifully-less-than two meter tall models walking the streets of Montreal to wear. Thatís why the Fashion Week also host the Showroom, a place for industry insiders to meet, discover talented designers and their collections, with the goal of getting them into boutiques, and eventually on our bodies.

And at this Showroom were two designers I would like to say something about.

First, Anastasia Lomonova, a talented young designer who managed to turn regular toilet paper into the amazing dress you see on the side of this article, and who turns regular fabric into even nicer things, like this laid back but very sexy dress. You can buy her fashion online on her site, and youíll be sure to wear something unique.

Second, Stacey Zhang another extremely talented designer, whose work you can buy online or directly at her own store. The Stacey Zhang store, located almost on the corner of St-Catherine and Crescent streets, is always fun to drop-by: the staff is amazing, the designer herself is often there and the clothes are gorgeous.

Stacey Zhangís website is really cool too: the front page has this simple yet genius flash animation, made of nothing but the alternating photos of a model and her adventures with a simple brown paper backdrop hiding a beautiful flower (check it out on the site, some of the pictures are bellow too).

Thatís it; the Fashion Week is over. But donít forget that the models are staying and partying in Montreal for the week-end of March 5th, so the next couple of days will be (fashionably) promising.

PS: We last wrote about the Montreal Fashion Week way back in 2004; that's like 6 years ago. Crazy (that we're still around).

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