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The "really" poor student guide to Montreal. by Killa

Planning for New Years now made easier than planning for a wedding.

Getting your NYE tickets here is simpler than shopping for shoes. Guaranteed.

Partiers of the world unite!
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Just because you are a student, and you’re poor, but I mean really poor, that doesn’t mean that you can’t live like a king.

But before I waste your time, take this short quiz, and stop reading if you answer “true” to any of these questions:
  1. your last name is also the name of one of the buildings/schools of your university
  2. you live in New Rez
  3. you live in the condo your daddy bought you
If you passed with failing grade, than you’ll probably need my experienced poor-tips at one point or another of your short student career.

What you need to understand first is: the purpose of money. Really, it only gets your three fundamental things:
  1. roof
  2. food
  3. fun
Anything else you might need fits in these three super categories.

1: Putting a roof over your head can be the hardest thing. For a tight fiscal year, the usual cohabitation with roommates can save you. Moving further away than a 5 min walking radius from your university is a good call too. Or you can hook up a girlfriend/boyfriend to live with, or, worst comes to worst crash you’re friend’s couches.

2: As for food, there are two options, cook or eat-out. Cooking rocks, cause at least you have control over the poison you ingest. Eating-out rocks too, because you don’t have to cook.

For cooking, pasta or rice with pretty much whatever you find are your saviours. Cheese, baguette and vegetables also make for a balanced diet. The key is simply good, fresh and cheap ingredients, always available at Lobo (av. Du Parc) and PA (av. Du Parc, or Fort). Forget Metro, IGA or Provigo; you’re a student now, it’s time you shun big evil corporations.

For eating out, Al-Taib (Guy), Al-Amine (Cote-des-Neiges) or Wok Café (St-Catherine) will be your Meccas. You’ll be surprised how hunger killing 2 slices of cheese pizza (3$ only) can be. And when it’s that special time, you can go for a hot&sour soup (5$ at Wook) or some bigger treat.

3: As for everything else that makes life enjoyable, there are more ways with less bucks than you would have though. For free Internet, go to the library; no cell, there are free phones in most university buildings. For beer, larger usually means cheaper, and Couche-Tard will quickly become your favourite bar.

When going-out, always have pre-drinking sessions and make sure you’re on the guestlist or going to a place with no cover.

Stop smoking, or at least reduce and make sure you have generous friends who smoke. But never be too greedy: at some point just buy them a pack and give it to them as a gift for all the cigarettes you bummed.

Oh yeah, and start making some friends and hosting house parties, they are always rocking. You won’t need to worry about dress codes, entries or getting that drunk hottie to your place; you’ll already be at your place.

PS: Here is the original rocking communist party t-shirt by Tom Burns.

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It's your turn now. So speak-up.

A minute saved is a
A minute saved is a minute eaerdn, and this saved hours!
Written by Jennylee on 2016-12-22.

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