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Return of the mack by Killa Hug

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We’ll miss you, old look…
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Yeah, I know, you all thought we were done, that it was all over.

Think again mate.

All this talk of Web 2.0, online communities, interactivity, MySpace this, MySpace that, it got us all excited again. The truth is we came up first with all this a long time ago, Web 2.0 is nothing new for us; we just didn’t do it, for many reasons but mostly to give others a chance.

So here we are, jumping on the bandwagon once again, we can do the whole 2.0 thing too. You are now reading Montreal-Clubs.com V. 2.0, bigger, stronger, badder, better than our previous incarnation.

Actually, probably just better and maybe a bit bader. The obvious is the graphic work, a brand new look, courtesy of Dunkel, a graphic designer straight from Eastern Germany. In the next week a bunch of new features will be released too, making Montreal-Clubs rank high up there on your best friend’s list, right between your dog and the annoying neighbour in the apartment bellow yours.

We started revisiting our antiquated Reviews section. Clubs and bars in Montreal reproduce and whither away faster than a horde of wild rabbits on viagra. Keeping up with what’s new and what’s gone, which club rocked yesterday and sucks today, is a hell of a job, but after all, somebody’s got to do it.

You’ll also soon be able to interact with site much more, making up for all that lost time you pent browsing pointless pages on MySpace. At least on Montreal-Clubs.com you can read funny and senseless diatribes by some of the city’s most outcast writers (like this piece for example), learn which bar is worth you presence and which club merits that of your estranged ex-best-friend, and at some point in the near future, you’ll be able to leave your esteemed contributions pretty much every where on this site.

I can’t say much more, cause our competitors are reading this, but hold on tight, we’re taking Montreal by storm once again.

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