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B-Side, not West Side by Killa

Planning for New Years now made easier than planning for a wedding.

Getting your NYE tickets here is simpler than shopping for shoes. Guaranteed.

B-Side in the house
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For all the ignoramus out there, which thankfully youíre not because youíre reading, unless youíre from AskMenís office that is, a B-Side is the second side of a Vinyl disk. And, in all my glorious understanding of music, I believe that a B-side is also the second side of a cassette; you know, a cassette Ö, that little plastic rectangular thing you used to put in your Sony Walkman, before you became an Investment Banker and started sleeping with your IPod on.

The B-Side is a relic from the past; the mp3 has killed much more than artistís and their crook-record labelís revenues. The B-Side used to be the back-door, the experimentation play ground for musicians. For some weird reason, everyone seemed to agree that only the A-Side would get listened to by the general public. And because we would be too lazy to turn the disk around, the B-Side would be heard only by the hard core fans, the ones that deserved the experimentation and the originality in music. The hit singles, the commercial carrots-on-the-stick would be on the A-Side, everything else on the B-Side. Bands like Pink Floyd used the B-Side to its full advantage. Pearl Jam used to live for B-Sides, and even Nirvanaís cash-cow Nevermind has a much better B than A-Side.

The little ethic the record industry has was simple: a commercial A-Side and a less accessible but still very good on B-Side.

Today, the only B-Side youíre likely to find is B-Side the club on St-Laurent (3616 St-Laurent).

Why talk about B-Side the nightclub? Whatís interesting about that place apart from its name? Well, because I like it. Itís a chill club, you can dance if you want to, or you can just lounge all night. The staff is nice too and the bouncers are cool. I think nightclubs are finally getting it: having a friendly staff that makes you feel more like at home then at a drinking factory is key to success.

And then there is the second floor rooftop terrace. Obviously it is closed for the winter, but I have to say that it is one of the best and only terraces on St-Laurent. It makes for a perfect afternoon beer during the summer, or a chill night-out with your significant half under the stars.

Finally, on a more Montreal-Club-esque note, go visit the male washrooms at B-Side. Nothing beats having your own little private waterfall in a nightclub washroom. And a useful waterfall that is.

Voice your opinion of B-Side here.

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd's Meddle Vinyl cover

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It's your turn now. So speak-up.

Felt so hopeless loo
Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qust.ionse..until now.
Written by Lexine on 2016-12-22.

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