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Vote Results :: 7.7/10 [874 votes]

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Type - Restaurant, Bar

Buona Notte

3518 Saint Laurent

Tel. 514.848.0644
On a street laced with numerous trendy modern Italian restaurants Buona Notte is a phenomenon. Although, it used to differentiate itself with an industrial-chic interior a recent facelift camouflaged its history, and likened its identity to the imitators. The contemporary interior is polished and modern with an excellent sound system exercising the right beats. The ambiance differs progressively throughout the week, chill to crazy. The small dance floor provokes the crowd to mount the chairs and tables and loose their inhibitions. The crowd is a medley of members from the fashion, film, and music industry, in effect, attractive and stylish.

Buona prides itself on an outstanding wine list featuring only Italian wines; many famous patrons, who’s autographed plates adorn the restaurant’s back wall, have been lured by the available selection of Barolo’s. Buona’s reputation is not due to its menu, but rather the promise of an entertaining night; this is a Montreal hot spot.
Music Electronic/Urban Hotness factor 8/10
Prices Above Average Chill Factor 7/10
Best Days Friday & Saturday Party Factor 8/10
Pictures Dress Code Up-Scale

 Reviewed by:  Darek

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Digusting service ! Reserved a table for a birthday, never got seated to the right table that was asked for. Waiting an hour to get serviced. The waitress was drunk taking our orders. She was sipping on wine and then disappeared. The moves us to the middle of the club. Table wasn't set, waiting 45 mintues again to get our food. The food was disgusting , small portions. Horrible service asked for bread 4 times never got it. The manager gave us a free glass of wine for the wait lol sucked ! The rushed us to clean the table. They couldn't find out waiter to pay the bill! Took an hour nobody cared ! Worst

Rating:: 1/10
Italsweet_calabrese@ | Girl|
Disgusting the way they treat people who are about to spend hundreds of $ in their place! OMG wow the nerve of some club owners. Had guest list and was going to buy a bottle but still waited over an hour in line!! Bouncers such ass holes and kept letting in only people they knew. We left for another club on the strip who let us in no cover, no line up and even gave us a free drink!

Rating:: 1/10
naomichandler@ | Girl|
AMAZINGG!! best club I've ever been to hands down. it's super hard to get it, clearly the place is high in demand. if you plan on going there, dress UP. super high end and classy. the waitresses can easily be mistaken for models. definitely talk to the girl at the door when you go. the bouncers are too busy to talk to. but she takes the time to explain what the hold up is and is super quick to help everyone get their tables.

Rating:: 10/10
nilufacebook@ | Girl|
Don't waste your time if your visiting at night.. Unless you know the bouncer personally you have a slim chance of even getting in ... Waited at the front of the line in the freezing cold for an hour and watched while people the bouncer knew we re let in .. The manager was outside for a while to and had no problem with the bouncers way .. He was very rude as well .

Rating:: 1/10
carlystevens6@ | Girl|
i think i saw leonardo dicaprio there!

Rating:: 0/10
barrybeatoff@ | Guy|
I was really disapointed with this venue. We initially came in order to celebrate our birthday with service bottle. Our reservation was for 11h30pm... though with reservation we had to wait 1h... after 1h, the hotesse still wasnt able to help us out - she says. It was only after you decide to cancel your reservation that we agreed to FIND you a table which with reservation should had been etablish in advance. (P.S With my experience as a hotesse at Orchidee de Chine, I know how reservation works). Finally then the manager came to us and offered us a little table that barely fits 4ppl when initially we reserved for 8 ppl!!! I mean, we were a group of young doctors coming to enjoy our birthday... and will never EVER return there again. It seems that unless you\'re italian or lebanese... they would maybe pay a tiny bit more attention...

Rating:: 1/10
jvuon039@ | Girl|
The restaurant is fine good food the service is great but the club section (after 11:30pm) is real crap... first there the place is too small and it's over crowded worst thing is the bar service i waited 10mins the waitress never came to me to me to take my order and she saw me waiting for a drink.. i can't beleive i let almost 100$ on a 200$ bill the restaurant... as other peoples said before i just think this place is over-rated i was so pissed off i left the place and instead i went to anither place strangely they were more people thre i could get my drink easilly.. So it's a nice restaurant but for the club there is plenty of better place in mtl!!

Rating:: 5/10
ital1986@ | Guy|
I had the time of my life in Buona Notte- not only was the food great and the people unbelievably good-looking, but the music was awesome and everyone seemed to be having a great time dancing beside their seats. I cannot wait to go back.

Rating:: 10/10
Rauf1@ | Girl|
Washington, D.C.
if only this place was over-rated, it actually is kinda lame. The service is horrible... I wont even re-write what meyer1@.... just wrote below, she's so right. Cokeheads, husband hunters and spoiled brats. And no, I dont even understand how this website claims that the dresscode is UP-Scale... b.s, they let in the most nasty looking guys wearing dirty looking diesel jeans, lame looking caps and gross thong-sandals ... as for the MUSIC, WHAT THE FVK! WHo wants to hear shyt from 1992 which is not even properly mixed etc... If it wasn't for the IMAGE this place has built for itself, nobody would go for it... people know that some celebrities have been there before, therefore they go in order to feel all "VIP" whereas nobody is VIP there.

Rating:: 3/10
mastabea@ | Girl|
Where to start..... This place is for FERRARI OWNERS (old men with MONEY), GOLDIGGERS, YOUNG GIRLS WITH DADDY's CREDIT CARD (also complies with GOLDIGGERS, ohhhh and lets not forget THE COKE HEADS (including staff). GOSH..I remember one of the waitress there VERY PRETTY GIRL but holy moly give her another 3 yrs of sucking it up her nose and she will be in the back on dish duty. And let it be known that I really like nice places wich BUONA (as the COOL people would say it) is a very nice place although I've seen MUCH BETTER the only thing it has to rid itself of IS EVERYONE. Also FOR THE RECORD I'm not some ugly anal girl whos mad at the world either ,wich all the people in wich I mentioned above are reading this and probably rolling there eyes thinking SHE DOESnt KNOW WHAT SHES TALKING ABOUT. I know very well what I'm taking about. At Buona the slogan should be "WIVES COME GET YOUR HUSBANDS AND FATHERS COME GET YOUR DAUGHTER"lol...

Rating:: 3/10
meyers1@ | Girl|
Food is good, ambiance is ok (we went on a wednesday night) but the service for supper was HORRIBLE.. we were the only table, never got water, took over 1.5 hrs to get our meal and never got our drinks, we had to ask 3x for them and we got them after our meal.

Rating:: 2/10
nexxt@ | Girl|
The tagliatelli had barely any mushroom and too much oil. The waitress took my plate away, I wasn't finished. Waitresses too skinny.

Rating:: 1/10
shmeet76@ | Guy|
The best place ever. this is the place where i had the most fun in my life. and that every time i go there. As for the ppl that complain that it's to long to get in, get to know some pll you wont wait for as long!

Rating:: 10/10
tayakrasikov@ | Girl|
off the hook... waitresses are nice girls are hot.. but it is really hard to get in even you buy bottles... best thing to do is having dinner there and then bottles..... try to go on fridays...

Rating:: 10/10
eyidemir@ | Guy|
I love Brad Pitt

Rating:: 10/10
skierchick1@ | Girl|
After consuming a good 9 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of Mo earlier in the evening, we decided to hit up Buona, 5 bottles opened and the night begun... un-fuckin-believable, Filled with hot honeys to my left and right, as well as dope beats, shiat.. i'll leave it at that..

Rating:: 9/10
5crowns@ | Guy|
The bEST TiMe Of my LIFE!!!!! Veronique and i rocked the place. So many people to meet, and amazing atmosphere. Those who say its overpriced just havent experienced a TRUE hot spot. This place is not matched by any other. And oh the men!!! We are so coming back!! this place gets 100 from us! mmmmm Hmmmm!!!

Rating:: 10/10
ashleybaby_17@ | Girl|
OFF THE HOOK! Don't bother if you don't have the $ to play here; but if you do FORGET IT. OUT OF CONTROL!!

Rating:: 10/10
fern@ | Guy|
Waiting in a massive lineup at 12:30...Gay bouncer only let in guys...2 models waiting just as long as we did to get in, pricey drinks, everyone seemed to know each other and didn't want to know anyone else, dirty looks and long bathroom waits, very stuffy and cramped...left after 1/2hour to have a good time at a real club...

Rating:: 1/10
alexisdynes@ | Girl|
The meatballs have mad cow disease.The plastic bibs are for people who dribble after seeing the bill.Pizza like Doninis but add $30 to price

Rating:: 1/10
freddy2334@ | Guy|
An entree for $40?? What is so hot about this place to spend needless money. If you got xtra cash give to the poor not to an overpriced ,overrated bar

Rating:: 1/10
poboy@ | Guy|
el sitio esta muy bien y tambien se ven unos churros por ahi , super

Rating:: 8/10
angelacamila@ | Girl|
The meatballs are to die for! The plastic bibs are tres chic, areal conversation starter to be sure! Pizza like your mama makes!

Rating:: 10/10
sarducici@ | Guy|
kitty's cove

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