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Vote Results :: 7.2/10 [3376 votes]

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Type - Strip Club

Club Super Sexe

696 Sainte Catherine W.

Tel. 514.861.1507
Super Sexe (along with Wanda’s and Chez Paree)is one of the few non-contact strip clubs left in town. There is a lot to be said about non-contact places; classier, more attractive dancers, and a better atmosphere. The girls are flirtier and do NOT leave a lot to the imagination. They also have a free all- you-can-eat buffet every week day from noon to 7ish. Although it is a great idea, let us just say, the girls are far better than the gastronomy. Another thing to note, 2-for-1 specials on beers.
Music Top 40 Hotness factor 9 / 10
Prices Average Chill Factor 7 / 10
Best Days Everyday Party Factor 7 / 10
Pictures Dress Code None

 Reviewed by:  Bobby

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Worst customer service at the entrance mandatory cover and once you are in another mandatory tip to the bouncer. Or you get out. Full of mafia style operation. Especially the one with ONE opened. Montreal is a big mistake rather be somewhere in Toronto.

Rating:: 1/10
Iterraboy@ | Guy|
Great place! Went with my 3 buds and had a great time. Cover charge was 8$, and tip them 2$ and you'll be fine; the door guy was cool. However, the 56$ 6-bucket of beers hurt, not to mention the 8$ BOTTLE OF WATER. But, the waitresses were sincere and sweet. The strippers were very nice and very hot. Private dances are 5$ for a regular room (recommend) and 15$ a song; but they were so damn good. Expect to drop at least 60$ + tip for a dance(I thought it was worth it) The bouncer was a nice guy too. Everyone was nice, the babes were hot. I recommend it.

Rating:: 9/10
biwyjohnson@ | Guy|
New York
Absolutely terrible place, got scammed into taking a private dance because they gave me a coupon they said was good for a free dance but by the time I left after being there for 15 minutes they told me my buddy and I owed them close to 300 dollars. The girls were not even attractive as far as their faces either and the dance was nothing special at all. I was so pissed after I called management to complain about being scammed and they just blew me off so I eventually called the police to put in a complaint, not that it will do anything but I needed to do something.

Rating:: 1/10
mssc72@ | Guy|
@Markyp~ "If you refuse to pay the extra money they say you owe them, they'll kick your ass. Plain and simple. Seems to be worse if you're from the States. They'll make anti-U.S. comments while they're taking your money and kicking you out the door" Happend to me. Though I am Canadian; lived in Montreal for 6 years, I had lived in Miami for 17 years. I got a bit drunk, paid the girl $140, she started screaming for security and said i was drunk. Needless to say she claimed I did not pay her. They thought I was american by my accent and made enough anti-u.s. comments. Punched me a couple times in the back room by coat check, while 2 holding me down, 1 choking me, a next took my wallet, took a little over $300 out then kicked me down the stairs screaming more anti-U.S. coments!

Rating:: 1/10
joepiazza@ | Guy|
This club is run by thugs. They'll tell you a lap dance costs $15 when you walk in the door, but then shake you down for $60-$100 later on. If you refuse to pay the extra money they say you owe them, they'll kick your ass. Plain and simple. Seems to be worse if you're from the States. They'll make anti-U.S. comments while they're taking your money and kicking you out the door. No joke, I've seen it happen. The bouncers are super violent thugs just looking for a chance to punch a guy from the states in the face. If they tell you to give them $100, just do it so you don't end up with a broken nose. Fair warning to guys from the U.S. You'll probably get taken advantage of at Super Sexe, they'll rob you, possibly hurt you physically if you don't give up your money, and you're taking a serious chance going in that place. Try some of the other clubs in the area instead. It's not the same club your friends are probably telling you about from years ago. Super Sexe today is run by some crazy thugs who take your money or beat it out of you.

Rating:: 1/10
markyp@ | Guy|
New York
Do NOTTTT touch the bottoms of the tables.

Rating:: 3/10
mikeymo@ | Guy|
Went in on a Saturday night about 8... there were only a few girls and those that were there, were average at best. Alot of good bodies but bad heads. Then a few girls came over for a private dance. They bully you into getting a contact dance.. so you agree and follow up. Little do they tell you that the dance is 20.00 per girl.... but you have to PAY for the room also... 25.00 for a room! 5.00 for a regular room in addition to the cost of the girls! CRAZY! Stick to Club SUper Contact. Same managemrent, same girls, but less expensive and a more laid back atmosphere!

Rating:: 1/10
Resqu10@ | Guy|
Manchester, NH
Went last night, and just had to review : "double thumbs down" way down !!! So the they have a big flashing neon sign... Big deal !!! There are much nicer & classier clubs in town ie: such as on Stanley and
one on de la montagne ..;)

Rating:: 0/10
gopower07@ | Guy|
worst strip club experience of my life. friends of mine went there about 6 years ago and claimed it was great, so we were anxious to try it out. apparently times have changed.
we came with a group of 5 for my buddy's bachelor party, we paid $10 apiece to get in, and $57 for a bucket of 6 beers. we sat at the stage for 20 minutes and saw mostly over-the-hill dancers, who i guess had tenure there and had immunity from being fired. some of the dancers were decent looking, but nothing to write home about. we were soon dragged upstairs by a pair of strippers under the pretenses of a "private show", for $20 "per girl, per song". a "song" is considered 3 minutes and they try and keep you there for more than 12 minutes so they can justify charging you the full amount, which is $100 per girl, plus a $40 "room charge" that is paid before entering, plus tip. they dont show you a timer, so you are forced to keep track on your own and put a stop to the show yourself. naturally, they try to distract you from the time to maximize their profits. our show was horrible, so we stopped them after 5 minutes but they claimed we had been there for 7, and they wanted $120 plus tip, and kicked us out when we refused to tip on top of the inflated rate that they quoted. whenever we would dispute the charges, they would tell us to shut up and insult us. their logic was nonsense, their math was horrible and they were not attractive. the only reason they got us upstairs was due to their aggressive sales pitch and our impatience in waiting for a girl that was decent enough. the people we encountered at this club were the worst kind of dishonest and terrible sort i've seen anywhere. check this place out if you're looking for a raw deal.

Rating:: 1/10
mdcdream25@ | Guy|
new york city
I went to the club Friday night May 14th and spent about three hours with the most amazing girl. My only regret is I didn't get her number. If anyone knows who she is please respond. I believe she is about 30yrs old and cuts hair during the day. From 1 to 10 she was an 11.

Rating:: 10/10
lamotte@ | Guy|
I went to this club first time today and it is AWFUL. The club is full of unethical and corrupt people. The dancers are average. Two dancers took 3 of us for a lesbian show for $20 each...i.e. $40. We ended up paying $225 in the end..WHY??? Coz first they charged $25 for the so-called VIP room.....(FYI...there\'s no VIP rooms in the bar). Then when we told them that we want the show for 1 song...they didn\'t tell us and continued. Not only this...after approx. 10 mins...they said that it is 15 mins past....and we need to pay $100 for each girl i.e. $200. When we said this is cheating, they called the bouncer and we ended up paying the entire money. BUT we came to know that this club is full of Cheaters and you should AVOID this at every cost...The club right next to this club is decent and has good people....we ended up spending the time there.

Rating:: 1/10
apt727@ | Guy|
sucked.... bouncers scammed us into a 75$ LAP DANCE... wouldnt lit us leave before we paid... they punched my bud in the face to make us pay... didn\'t want to pay but they had 7 bouncers around us 2 guys.... not a well run club.... bouncers sucked and girls were quarter good weren\'t that hot..... would pick another one before that

Rating:: 1/10
rschweizer@ | Guy|
My wife and I visited a year ago - wow what an experience. Had a VIP dance for both of us upstairs - very expensive. Lexi was our dancer. She made out with my wife, let her lick her pussy and nipples and kissed her. Never been so turned on! Gross bathrooms though!

Rating:: 9/10
sb4079@ | Guy|
I wouldn't recommend this place. What ever you've heard from years ago no longer applies. After paying cover at the door, you have to check your coat for another 5 dollars, then you have to tip the bouncer to give you a table, although the place is half empty. If you want a private booth, there is another 25 dollars cover, not including the dances. Found other places much cheaper. Having visited this place left my friends and I feeling screwed without being screwed.

Rating:: 1/10
alfmancan2001@ | Guy|
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. We went to super sex to sit back and relax. We payed cover at the door which was fine, and then the bouncer told us that we have to tip him to get in. I\'m like are you kidding me. I asked for his name, and he started pushing us around, he wouldn\'t let us go. I\'ve been to supersex several times when I come to Montreal and never ever has a bouncer asked me for a tip, maybe the fact that this time it was 3 of us, who knows, what should I do?

Rating:: 1/10
stevepaul@ | Guy|
Had an amazing time here, Both me and my wife visited the club. there were many other women who had visited the club this night as well. It was a bit pricey, but it was a very nice establishment, and the private dance for both me and my wife was provided by the dancer named Sonia. It was out of this world. She is a gorgeous woman with alot of talent, and a great entertainer. Simply put, we had a great time at Club Super Sexe

Rating:: 10/10
hrnyguy28@ | Guy|
awesome place. Spent many weekends there but left Montreal. Visted it again after 10 years but no as good. Less stripping and too many girls bugging you to have a lap dance but overall a great spot.

Rating:: 9/10
d@ | Guy|
the city's banner strip club for many years. always couple hottie's working there. i always had a great time at club supersex!

Rating:: 9/10
brad_hali78@ | Guy|
awful place. my friend was assaulted by the street promoter before we even got in the club. this guy was not a bouncer, just someone who tries to get people from the street inside. very unprofessional staff. there are a million other strip clubs around the block. do not go to supersexe

Rating:: 1/10
sketch1@ | Guy|
i was really disapointit,,,,i was told it was a good place,,,, but when i when in,,,they make me pay to hang my coat and did not have none on me,,,,the bouncer told me you need to pay to hang your coat told hime did not have one,,,you need to pay he said to me,,,i was not impress that the way he talk to me and my 2 other buddies,,,,i would never recommand that place to my freinds are my dad...and the money was no object for me and my buddies but the way we where recive ,,i stay there 30 min and left....will never go back............................................................................

Rating:: 1/10
danny_buzz2000@ | Guy|
it is a classic club . being in existence for 25 years

Rating:: 6/10
michaudgilbert@ | Guy|
the lesbian show was incredible

Rating:: 10/10
socomplayer2003@ | Guy|
too expensive just before drinkink to much to pay change so much i was at the beginning was better cause more friendship than now

Rating:: 5/10
vecsay_anthony@ | Guy|
Did not like the this club at all. This club is know to be one of the best in montreal, but I was ripped off by more than one girl in the club. The guy at the door told me it was 15$ a song, but both girls rediculously overcharged me. The stage dances were good, but most of the girls have fake breasts.

Rating:: 2/10
vic_@ | Guy|
Went there on a snowing night in late November. One hour stay, two girls dancing, 15 dollars (beer+bar tip). Not the worst one in Montreal tho.

Rating:: 4/10
ryan@ | Guy|
my husband and I went, the price was insane (7$ for a coke) not worth the price, there is cheeper clubs with hotter dancers!

Rating:: 2/10
Tylerdavidsmom@ | Girl|
Was told to visit Super Sexe. Was not my favourite. No contact and pushy girls/wait staff. Girl wanted 125 for 15 mins, i told her no way in hell thats happening, she was pissed but all in all had a bad time there. Went to Gentlemens Choice, had a blast, no contact between the legs. Far better then Super Sexe

Rating:: 2/10
hell_to_pay@ | Guy|
No doubt, the strip clubs in motreal are classier and by far better than those in the US. that being said, supersexe is nice but there are far better places downtown if you know where to look

Rating:: 6/10
elcob3@ | Guy|
New York
the super sexe has been open since 1978 and will always be in my book the best strip club in montreal and the elite of hockey players, actors and other famous people have been seen there i even saw ernest P wharral hahaha old perv i dont blame him doh

Rating:: 0/10
sl1ck_@ | Guy|
I love this place, had a great time, how come there is no ratings for Solid Gold? There is a girl that works the day shift, her name is, She can dance and she's drop dead gorgeous, I never had a dance like that before, talk about exotic!!!

Rating:: 8/10
whatever_man79@ | Guy|
SO sick, hottest strippers around! Went for new years so kick ass! Prices are normal for any club, must tip well.

Rating:: 9/10
tyler64290@ | Guy|
Best place I went to during new-years. Lines can sometimes be a pain, good beer speacial 6beers for 40$ plus a free table dance. Every woman is amazing, very clean as well.

Rating:: 9/10
tyler64290@ | Guy|
Club Super alot less than super when it comes to atmosphere and bang for your buck. If you just want (some do) to look at pretty naked girls with lots of blaring music and beered up teenages yelling at them...then hey this place is for you...the Buffett is fantastic I stronly suggest the baked fish heads they are mighty crispy....although they smell a little like the dayshift...I prefer contact dances with the willing and beautiful women of club Downtown... If you want to just lookie no touchie and eat a free and pretty good buffett then head to Chez Paree over on upscale version of Super Sexe...

Rating:: 6/10
uncledirtylive@ | Guy|
Boston, Mass
it was a great club and my friends and I had a wonderful time

Rating:: 10/10
m4evrmine@ | Guy|
charlestown nh usa
Nice and chilled. Hot girls and a hot bar staff. Always full of gorgeous women everywhere you look. My favourite in mtl. If I want more than these girls offer I'll just call an escort.

Rating:: 9/10
me@ | Guy|
visited your club in march.saw table dance of "NIAOMI".very decent and friendly girls.very cordial staff.great food.super sex is certainly the best club in town.

Rating:: 10/10
Auhassan2003@ | Guy|
Best bang for your buck.... not literally, but $3 canadian cover charge was ill

Rating:: 10/10
skirmish4life@ | Guy|
Easily the best strip bar I know of in Montreal. Sometimes there can be bad nights, but the good far outweighs the bad. Christina is probably the hottest stripper I've ever seen.

Rating:: 9/10
dogshit666@ | Guy|
Remember the fabulous twins sisters of this club: Jennifer & Alex...they recently opened their own business: Les Muses Resto-Bar 1023 Bleury, Montreal Visit their website at:

Rating:: 10/10
thisadressgonowhere@ | Guy|
Lunch: Food in your mouth, a beautiful woman dancing in front of you with no useless fabric to cover her beauty and a beer at hand. Do I need to say anything more? I wish my house was like that. P.S. And all this for 12$

Rating:: 9/10
To sex kanei kalo@ | Guy|
I'm so sorry to see what the Super-Sexe has become. A couple of years earlier, it was THE #1 STRIP CLUB in Montreal but now, it a place where i could almost fall asleep ! I think they have some management problems. One of the night managers is a very unpleasant person without any manners. He treats every customers like dogs and even his own staff. Maybe that's why their best strippers are gone ! And don't ask me why, on a friday night, the waitresses are sitting and wait to do something ! I'm starting to believe that the owners of this club thinks that their reputation is as hard than steel but maybe they should wake up 'cause nothing in our world is ETERNAL !!!

Rating:: 2/10
rayflint@ | Guy|
La réputation du Club Super-Sexe n'est plus à faire ! Tous le monde sait que c'est LE CLUB de danseuse par excellence à Montréal. Lors de mon dernier passage, j'ai eu tout autant de plaisir qu'a ma première visite. Le club est remplis à craquer de jolies déesses. Je me dois de mentionner l'excellent travail de 2 serveuses extraordinaires, les soeurs Natasha & Mélanie, qui ont su faire de ma soirée, une réussite sur tous les plans ! Bravo à toute l'équipe du Super-Sexe ! P.S. Mention spéciale aux soeurs jumelles Jennifer & Alex = Un must see !

Rating:: 8/10
frankyboy012@ | Guy|

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