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Vote Results :: 5.8/10 [475 votes]

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Type - Club, Bar, 5 a 7


1149 Crescent

Tel. 514.288.5656
Somewhat of a tradition in Montreal, Thursday’s has been around for 30 years. This is the place where you are destined to find that cougar or, for the ladies, that elusive sugar daddy, that will pay for your drinks and admire your youth. As, you might have guessed by now, Thursday’s attracts a more mature clientele, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. There are plenty of nice people, among them also many twenty-somethings, and their staff is friendly and funny (ask Donna to tell you some jokes). Make sure you don’t suffer from claustrophobia, though, because this place is known to get packed after 5pm, especially on Thursdays and Fridays.
Besides their really nice bar/pub, Thursday’s also boast a club in the basement, which is not unlike the many other dance-clubs on Crescent. Not as posh or trendy as many bars/clubs on Saint Laurent, but more of a good, old-fashioned meat market.
Music Top 40 Hotness factor 6-7 / 10
Prices Average Chill Factor 5 / 10
Best Days Thursday, Friday & Saturday Party Factor 6-7 / 10
Pictures Dress Code None for the pub, but there's a dress code for the club

 Reviewed by:  Naku

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These are truly wonderful ideas in concerning blogging. You have touched some fastidious points here. Any way keep up wrinting.

Rating:: 1/10
sabinagoodman@ | Girl|
Australia, Benerembah
Hello! My name is MaryMarkova, our compane need to advertise on your website. What is your prices? Thank you. Best regards, Mary.

Rating:: 0/10
marymarkova@ | Girl|
It costs a fortune to eat there for small portions. Then we went to their club which had a 10$ cover charge; it would have been reasonable if those 2 sex on the beach hadn't been 17$. I have no idea what was in that drink but it made me feel sick even the next day, I'm just hoping it wasn't moonshine.

Rating:: 1/10
francisbelisle@ | Guy|
Where should I start? The staff are full of themselves. The cliental is the WORST in montreal. I was in the girls bathroom and the girls were either escorts workings or underage kids. And the price of a drink is worst in town. Lots of other places on Crescent street. Don't waste your money here.

Rating:: 1/10
shylawild79@ | Girl|
We went several times to Thursdays and never had a bad experience! We are young girls and do not agree with those who say that Thursdays is only for oldies. Unlike ohter nightclubs, they don't only play freakin techno, dance, house music! They have reggaeton!
Le Thursdays est notre boîte de nuit préférée, on en essaie d'autres, mais on y revient toujours! Oui, l'alcool est un peu cher, mais ils en servent plus qu'ailleurs et ont plus de sortes d'alcool pour faire des cocktails "fancy". Hot bartender.

Rating:: 8/10
catoubb91@ | Girl|
Recently visited Thursdays and had a great time the biggest surprise was how reasonably priced the drinks were. Although I danced on that revolving dance floor for so long I thought I was spinning fro the next two days. An excellent spot!

Rating:: 9/10
alski08@ | Guy|
On our first night here, Thursday's was the first pub/clubwe attended. From the reviews, we figure this would be fairly hype but the crows was indeed older. Montreal Canadiens just beat Washington, but yet there were barely anyone here celebrating. Again, older faces is not something I admire, but the drinks were good enough. Oh, I forgot to mention the cover - $30 for 6 of us. The only thing I appreciated is the spinning dancefloor; not something we have back in Edmonton. We only stayed here briefly and ventured off someplace else. To tell you the truth, the atmosphere was weaker than expected. Will not return here anytime soon.

Rating:: 5/10
ehkaybe@ | Guy|
I went to thursday and i really had a good the end of the night i had a beautiful old lady eating my dick off..she drank every drop of load. i told her i love her and i would marry her just to get my prick in her ass which she had never done before. I took two blue pill and rip the kitty and and the ass up so bad she is calling me every night since then and i split ..

Rating:: 10/10
saddle_1234@ | Guy|
Is Thursday the name of the week or is it relly a club nameÉ Speak backwards for clearificaton Thaks

Rating:: 10/10
do1rado@ | Guy|
Went, loved and will return. The staff were awesome, the people were friendly and the atmosphere was grand. Overall a great experience and I will return. Gotta love the chocolate waitress......she is soooo cool.

Rating:: 9/10
llmjosey@ | Girl|
i was there, and it was realy fun!!!!!

Rating:: 10/10
jamba_1982@ | Girl|
This place was awsome, if you like to dance and have a good time. Yea its true there are a lot of older men, some very creepy, but the spinning dance floor makes up for it! There is no cover charge but you may have to wait outside in a long line for a while, but its worth it, really great music!

Rating:: 10/10
vanitygirl821@ | Girl|
New Jersey
to all the people that thing thursdays suck you have your rainy days and your sunny days i had really great times at thursdays. you meet all kinds of people you make alot of friends i met eddie irvine, shure i had boring nights but every bar,pub,disco is like that you have your goods and your bads but let me tell you thursdays to me is one of the hottest places to be all be gong up in august again and the first place to visit is for shhure thursday

Rating:: 9/10
mglguerreiro@ | Guy|
I have no idea why people rave about this place. The atmosphere was less than expected, the drinks and food were WAY OVERPRICED (Even the waitress serving us said we'd be better off going next door to "Winnies" for a better time and cheaper foods that she doesn't even eat there: AND WE DID). It was St. Patties week and not a young face to be seen at Thursdays; come to think of it not many faces at all and it was early evening - supper time! The place has several bars on the main floor but otherwise it was unexciting. Perhaps it was a "gand ole lady" in the past but not anymore.

Rating:: 2/10
thrash@ | Guy|
Oakville, Ontario
dinner is excellent, clientelle in the bar are the pond scum of the earth. drinks are expensive.

Rating:: 3/10
nadia_gui@ | Girl|
damn they say his place is a meat market i couldnt even pick up the hookers with real cash. even my baphomet cousin mido couldnt pick up the transvestite with 3 tits who said he was so horny he would fuck a dead squashed racoon on the side of the highway. Well i was planning on partying here new years but since i spend all my money on chocolate and depnds diapers so i dont stain my granny panties. so looks like i have 2 options (1)spend a night sniffing glue and sticking all the different color highlighters in my anus like a rainbow while singing papa dont preech or (2) i invite you all to come to a new years eve party at unison where its open bar till 3 and i guarantee hoes. i can get you the tickets at very cheap price just come see me next door at multimags, ask for sam and if im not there its cause im making a negative to positive by having phone sex with cleo while i picture really getting gangbanged by the cast of queer as folk and raped by hulk hogan a.k.a Big Pops. P.s dont hate me cause ive got pancake nipples so ugly that they scare marylin manson and make mido look sexier than the guy from the bachelor.

Rating:: 1/10
s_chamas@ | Guy|
st laurent
Hi, I tryed this place out last week. It just so happens that I saw my mom and her hot friend talking at the bar. Being the jack-strap that I am, I picked up my mom's friend. Let me tell you, when we fucked in that Mercedez, I stained her seat and she kicked me in the sack. My balls were the size of elephant balls, and ice was needed for 3 weeks. Henri forever

Rating:: 8/10
fcuk@ | Guy|
For my 2nd time in montreal- but my 1st time out... Thursdays was unlike anything else i had experienced. Mind you, my friend and i didnt stay long, we danced on the rotating floor, and laughed our asses off at people. Cant say i loved it, but it was definitely fun!

Rating:: 6/10
ashleybaby_17@ | Girl|
If you're feeling depressed, go to Thursday and drink, laugh, dance and party. Always makes me feel beter.

Rating:: 10/10
jose.mendoza@ | Girl|
Just the way that the doorman chose people to go in the Disco disgusted me. I was there with my pretty wife and ready o spend.You just had to show a few bucks, and suddendly he saw you and let you in. I felt like I was in another contry in there. Very dissapointed, about the place, especialy the rotating dance floor, the ladies look like a chicken roasting on a brochette, and all the vultures aroud looking at their prey. The management should visit Moumba in Laval, they would see what a Classy place looks like, and maybe find another doorman !!

Rating:: 2/10
jjma22@ | Guy|
My friend Heidi and I went there..our very first bar in Montreal and we had an awesome bartender that had fun making all these drinks that we got for free...girls, go without boys because the drinks are free

Rating:: 7/10
meeggggss@ | Girl|
Lake George
Thursdays is the best club in the city,any time i get ready for the weekend and i know thursday is in my plans for the weekend i allredy know i will have the best weekend ever

Rating:: 10/10
gilbert_toyo@ | Guy|
If you wanna have a good time and meet some good looking people, join us at Thursdays.

Rating:: 9/10
theladycroft@ | Girl|
L'entrée est gratuite, les gens, trop âgés, et je n'aime pas l'allure "sous-sol" avec le plafond trop bas. Excellent pour 30 ans et plus. Passable pour 20-30 ans et ennuyant pour les 20 ans et moins.

Rating:: 5/10
antoine94@ | Guy|
It's the reason I come to Montreal. Fifteen guys, a train from Toronto, a Canadiens afternoon game and Friday and Saturday nights at Thursdays. Does a weekend get any better?

Rating:: 10/10
steve.doucette@ | Guy|
be aware of pickpockets... i used to work across the street at hard rock cafe and 95% of the customers that *lost* their wallet were at thursday earlier that day...

Rating:: 4/10
zingarella@ | Girl|
The Piano Bar at Hotel de la Montagne and the upper level bar at Thursday's are filled with high price hookers almost seven days a week. On one recent Monday night at about 1AM about 90% of the women at the upper level bar were hookers.

Rating:: 8/10
byut2002@ | Guy|
I banged a chick here back in the 70s. I walk in this place last week and I saw the same faces only older .I think i saw my 1 night stand at the bar,only thing her breasts and butt sagged just like all the other women in this place. yeeeecchhhh !!!! I am going to Wandas

Rating:: 1/10
newpontang@ | Guy|
Old bags who wanna get laid from 1980. Reject guys in suits and enough smoke to give you lung cancer before the night is out. what is with the 70s music?

Rating:: 1/10
cheesy@ | Guy|
that bar rocks!!

Rating:: 10/10
mtopouzova@ | Girl|

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