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Vote Results :: 6.9/10 [597 votes]

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Type - Bar, Club, Show bar

Foufounes Electriques

87 Sainte Catherine E.

Tel. 514.844.5539
Spread out over two large levels, the Foufounes Electriques is a gathering place for lots of people from different backgrounds. This is Montreal's rock underground at its best! Throughout the entire week a plethora of strange characters congregate on different days, enjoying (relatively) cheap beer and loud, aggressive music. During the summer the terrasse or patio, as some non-Montrealers would like to call it, is a great place to sit down and drink a beer with some friends. If you are not too fond of the outdoors, you can always go inside and play a game of pool, foosball, or perhaps listen to one of the many live-acts (Nirvana performed here before they were “cool”). So, if you aren't into the mainstream (or just plain sick of it), the Foufs is a place to check out.
Music Rock/Urban/Electronic Hotness factor 2-3/10
Prices Average - happy hour here is amazing - a bottle of Boreal sells for $1.75 Chill Factor 8/10
Best Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Party Factor 8-9/10
Pictures Dress Code None

 Reviewed by:  Fizzle

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Fucking awesome. Everyone knows each other, had the fun experience of finding out some mutual friends were buddies there. You can wear whatever the fuck and do whoever the fuck. The guys are hot if you're into tats and piercings. I made fast friends with one of the bouncers and the bartender chicks upstairs , people are really friendly. The girls and guys are total smokeshows, the terasse is perfect to smoke whatever you want, and you can dance on stage. Cheap drinks make the cover worth it.

Rating:: 10/10
emily_c_paul@ | Girl|
It's a really nice ambiance. I loooove that club.

Rating:: 10/10
crab_people_united_admin@ | Guy|
Absolutely AMAZING! I only got to go on one night (sat) on my visit to Montreal but it is definitely a place I plan to go back to on my next visit. The music was amazing (none of that top 40 crap - just metal/punk/rock - from what I heard anyway). Don't be discouraged by its dark atmosphere, it's part of the charm. Best place in town out of the ones I went to.

Rating:: 10/10
loveheartz87@ | Girl|
Foufs is definitely my favourite place to party around here. The main reason? I've never once been without having the time of my life. Saturday night has the best music, I'd have to say, but Thursdays are ridiculously cheap. Worth paying the bouncer - that line is longer than you'd think!

Rating:: 0/10
sixties_girl@ | Girl|
The place was filthy and definately had the air of a has been, not a now locale

Rating:: 1/10
mariemacdonald@ | Girl|
Great place

Rating:: 10/10
mikeborn1984@ | Guy|
Have not been yet... planing to check it out in April... I was told from a friend how fuckin rockin' this place is... so thought I would check out the comments so I know a little more of what to expect... I LIKE WHAT I HEAR! SEE YOU IN APRIL!

Rating:: 10/10
hamiltonHARDCOR82@ | Girl|
This club is great! We took a cab and the driver said we didn't seem like the type to go to such a club. We had a great time with great music. Go in the summer when it's warm out!

Rating:: 10/10
palle316@ | Guy|
New York City
Awesome place, I go there every Thursdays and it's always a blast! Great music, cheap music and an awesome dancefloor filled with girls.

Rating:: 10/10
gib@ | Guy|
great freakin club! cheap drinks, fun Mosh-Pits, great overall place to be... sure the washrooms arent the most private... but the club was intense and very much enjoyed for a recently 18 y/o from ontario! had much fun... and drinks were cheaper than the rippers :P

Rating:: 10/10
brick_shit_house@ | Guy|
I hate this place, it's dirty and the bathrooms look like crap. Not my atmosphere at all.

Rating:: 1/10
sexy_baby@ | Girl|
Greatest bar in Montreal, it's the place to be.. going there again when I go back

Rating:: 9/10
margolandry@ | Girl|
I LOVE THIS PLACE CHEAP BEER (if you pay cover for upstairs). Be ready to see lots of strange people as this is a mostly underground place where the usual music is metal and punk. On thursday is ladies night $4 entrance four free beer/shots for ladies. The only thing is that they started playing missy elliot/black eyed peas sort of stuff to attract more people so 2 years agao it was like a 30 hour wait at 10:30 while last summer i waited over two hours at the same hour since they play more mainstream music and the drinks are cheap. So go early on a thursday (or pay bouncer to skip line). It was fun when they would mix metal and some mainstream stuff but now its too mainstream on thurs. Still cheap on fridays though %5 cover and beer starts at 1.75 and there's 1$ shooters but those might be saturdays.

Rating:: 9/10
luv3001@ | Girl|
place was great, good place to enjoy a couple beers and some music. The bartenders and waitresses are cute if you like sceney looking chicks. Me and the boys went here friday and saturday night and loved it

Rating:: 9/10
sxixtxfmike@ | Guy|
Thursday nights (ladies night)are the best. The place is full, every single song is awesome, drinks are cheap and at 3AM you can go have a pizza with people you met there.. One of montreal's best.

Rating:: 10/10
lolita@ | Girl|
The only bar in Montreal that reminded me of Toronto! Upon arrival we hung out in the tavern downstairs: Comfortable but uneventful. Once the music was started we drifted up to the second level to witness the bands play and when they were finished the place was turned into a disco/dance. Two more levels take you to balconies where you can look down onto the band playing on a stage more-or-less in the centre of the room. Not a lot of seats here but people mingle like crazy under the black-lights, and I got to spend some time chatting it up with the bands and film crew that were on-site. (I'm in the entertainment business myself: the place was recommended to me by one of my business contacts). The cover charge was more than I expected and the booze is average priced but the atmosphere was fun. What music do they play? Well I lucked out and it was Heavy Metal on my night there but I hear they feature most types of "alternative" rock styles. Word to the wise: in Montreal a "headlining band" is just that THEY PLAY FIRST.....

Rating:: 8/10
thrash@ | Guy|
Oakville, Ontario
it's cool

Rating:: 8/10
lhowlett@ | Girl|
BEst bar in the world... we need more of them in other cities and the deals are good too! CHEAP DRINKS .. ROCK ON!

Rating:: 10/10
amanda_paladeau@ | Girl|
Only club I have gone to on my trips to MOntreal, love it!

Rating:: 10/10
stfuownzu@ | Girl|
only place i can stand to go anymore

Rating:: 10/10
sonya_911@ | Girl|
this place really rocks and it's cheap to... you can hear all kinds of music depending on the night you go... they have a skate night with an indoor mini-ramp on wednesdays, they have a ladies night on thusrday's (get there early), and it's defenitaly rocking friday's and saturday's... A MUST!

Rating:: 10/10
yaright@ | Guy|
Excuse me, hotness 2-3? What the hell were they looking at? Plus, this is a rock club at its best. Crazy mosh and the best local bands playing. If you like to rock and roll, this is the place to be.

Rating:: 10/10
luv_matsu_luv@ | Guy|
I think that Fouf's Rocks and I am not satified with the rating.

Rating:: 9/10
angel_Spice66@ | Girl|
i want to know about night club

Rating:: 0/10
tintoantony@ | Guy|
Always there on fridays, never disapointed about the music. Always electric guitar. If you can't rock n roll, don't fucking come.

Rating:: 10/10
unclefredelini@ | Guy|
THE BEST PLACE TO BE. No one acts snobby, no dress code, good rockin music, CHEAP ALCOHOL...Simply awesome...

Rating:: 10/10
aj_marna@ | Girl|
I went to a few clubs before foufs.. I had fun. Being a rocker, the first time I went to foufs I had a blast. I go there every friday night and I haven't been to another club since. Music is good on fridays, and on thursdays its lady's night. All women get 4 free beer tickets. Everyone I've brought to foufs has been skeptical but had the time of their lives, and now they go to foufs all the time.. that includes the real dance club guys. Cheap booze, rock music, what else do you want? There's even a restaurant!

Rating:: 10/10
corjay9@ | Guy|
Awsome place, went Friday night. Music was refreshing, mosh pit was amazing and guys have respect for you and don't try to grab you

Rating:: 10/10
flowerbug_99@ | Girl|
Best place in town for punk rockers and heavy metalers

Rating:: 10/10
bobsucks@ | Guy|
went on my last night in montreal and im sorry it was the only night,great place

Rating:: 10/10
lydsbitch@ | Guy|
Belfast, ireland
this place is amazing even if you're not into that kind of music its a good place to jus let loose. Although i have to admit its hard to find men there to talk to because everyone pretty much stays in their little groups.

Rating:: 10/10
kimsta_1@ | Girl|
The first few times my boyfriend and I walked by we didnt want to go in. It looked really dark and rough, but we eventually decided to check it out because it was the only place with people in it on a Monday. And it was pretty cool. I liked that they played different music as well as had a big TV on the wall. Theres no pressure, you can just drink, relax,listen to music and make fun of the wrestling thats on the TV.(it was on when we were there) But we would definatley go back, probably with a group of friends though.

Rating:: 8/10
carliw37@ | Girl|
Well i've had many great times here and will continue to do so.

Rating:: 8/10
fukoff@ | Guy|
Mind Blowing, a type of club that is completely absent in aberta and now sorely missed by me. I hate to dance to top 40 and that crap, but I dig the hard rock industral heavy metal and occasional celtic mix.

Rating:: 9/10
maxx_212@ | Guy|
This place was GREAT! I look forward to going back! Cheap beer, cheap shots and awesome music!

Rating:: 10/10
mlester_18@ | Girl|
Lake George
I hate most clubs, because I can't stand the pressure to be slutty and I absolutly hate rap and hiphop, so foufs was an awsome change, for once it was punk, and rock and oldschool and metal blaring, and everyone was dressed *gasp* alcohol (I highly recommend F1 Saturdays)...PS: for you young'uns the bouncers don't card as long as you get there EARLY.

Rating:: 10/10
modestalmond@ | Girl|
Upstairs is better but they charge 8 bucks. Yet the boose is cheaper. Music is Good. You can go pretty crazy and it can get pretty physicalsometimes. There are more dicks then chicks but most of the peeps are pretty fun and the girls are fine... ok well u can really see cause it gets pretty dark. All in all i went,got drunk, made out with 3 chicks pretty easily and the last one i was with was a model! I had a good time. Gotta altenative a sk8ter/punk chicks.

Rating:: 8/10
God I wanted to go here so bad! We were walking by, and I was attracted by the very scary decor on the outside. Didnt get to go in, though, because all my prissy friends thought it would be too frightening to actually go inside. Next time, Ill be there.

Rating:: 0/10
gr@ | Girl|
that place was fucking awsome that will be the first place i visit next time im in montreal

Rating:: 10/10
tekkfoot@ | Guy|
wow, that is one crazy place! I LOVE IT! although its pretty filthy, the people are cool and the music is awsome. allez tous au Foufs, c la meilleure place a Mtl!!

Rating:: 10/10
chrisy_lee@ | Girl|
NB ... used to live in Mtl
its fuking good

Rating:: 10/10
flq_101@ | Guy|
last time i went there, i got into some mad beef and it took two bouncers to control me. you can go real crazy at foufs, but one piece of advice: don't cross the line cuz the bouncers there are merciless beasts and if you mess up you might wake up in a garbage container wondering what the hell happened to you.

Rating:: 10/10
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