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Vote Results :: 3.8/10 [2172 votes]

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Type - Bar, Pub

Cock n Bull

1944 Ste-Catherine West

Tel. 514. 933.4556
So there we were, at the Cock 'n Bull. Tania, Maria-Allehandra, Martin, and Me. Monday night crowd packed the place, as usual, so we stand in the main walkway, next to the arts and crafts stuff, looking for a few empty seats. 10 minutes later we decide to get beer and drink standing up. Eventually a table opens up, and we proceed to shove our way through the crowd to get to it. "Do you mind if we sit here?" She looks up, takes a quick glance at me, her expression faceless, then over to the others and nods, "No Problem". We herd ourselves into the free seats, and once sitting we decide we need the arts and crafts stuff. Felt, pipe-cleaners, colored paper, glue, and various other knick-knacks consume our table and we all get to work. Marie-Allie isn't quite sure what to do, but the beers cheap and we're all getting into it. Soon she's making a butterfly tiara. We're all having a good time, even talking about the origins of modern western music with our new table buddies, Rob and Jimmy. Then I open my bag and grab a pack of crayons I found in the apartment debris I moved into. As I draw with the crayons, the smell of wax reminds me of my childhood. I then look through the pack for a brown one, and to my surprise someone had crossed out the printed "brown" and replaced it with a scrawled "skin color". We all have another laugh, and decide that that was the work of genius. Just thought you'd be interested...
Music Band, 60s,70s,80s,90s,00s, Rock Hotness factor 4 / 10
Prices Average Chill Factor 10 / 10
Best Days All days (Mondays arts and craft) Party Factor 7 / 10
Pictures Dress Code None

 Reviewed by:  Dave

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Alhigrt alright alright that's exactly what I needed!

Rating:: 1/10
eqa2zrc71jg@ | Guy|
I was entertaining at the C&B in the 80's..Jay and Silvermoon on St Patrick's day. wall to wall people and the St Pat's parade right in front on St Catherine' of the best gigs I ever had...Peter Jay...thank you Cock And Bull

Rating:: 10/10
peter.peterjay.jay56@ | Guy|
North Bay on
I've been a sailor in the 60's and 70's and have been in many pubs around the world. IMO the Cock 'n Bull outdid them all. The music and the atmosphere there was just great. Whenever we came to Monteal the C'nB became our second home. We always were welcomed there like good old friends from Germany. Sure it was a different time then and things will have changed. However, I will remember the Cock 'n Bull as the greatest pub I've ever been.

Rating:: 10/10
alpant@ | Guy|
Fucking worst service ever! My order came in one hour and a half later. The poor excuse that the kitchen is right across the pub is inexcusable. What the waiter should have done is reassure us that our order has been taken and excused for the delay rather than us asking for a status on our order. That would have merited a good service. He then flat out tells us if we can leave him some sort of tip because he depends on it. Gratuities are not mandatory; if the service is terrible, one does not deserve a tip. Fucking waiter! Yes you were an asshole! If you stopped at our table and let us know that our order is coming instead of making us think that you've neglected us, you would have probably gotten a better tip asshole! Never ever going to this pub again.

Rating:: 1/10
rickyD@ | Guy|
Used to practically live there in the early seventies - Shafik pounding away on the piano and Jan the English gentleman playing the old limey songs during breaks - talent night mondays - great place to pick-up girls and just awesome overall - a real pub indeed. Miss all you wonderful people who made my \'20\'s a great time.

Rating:: 10/10
mike.vail@ | Guy|
Cock n' Bull is the best fuckin bar on st-catherine street! Better recogniz...

Rating:: 10/10
ggg_unit_babe@ | Girl|
A happy place. A perfect blend old and young clientelle. Somewhere where you don t have to show off to feel comfortable. It is perfectly acceptable to be yourself. Super fun karaoke and crafts night weekly.

Rating:: 10/10
yaho0o0o0oo@ | Guy|
I used to go there often in the mid to late 70's, and it was great. Then; we were the entertainment, there was a piano player and we would sing songs just like in a real pub. Those days are probably gone for good. Glad to see it is still going.

Rating:: 0/10
BMThomson@ | Guy|
Hole in the wall, but nice. Beers priced well and arts and crafts is awesome, what could be better then playing with glue felt and scissors drunk?

Rating:: 7/10
ougalybougaly@ | Girl|
This past spring a friend of mine and me spend a whole week living in downtown Montreal and everyday we toured and by night we partied, and by far Cock 'n Bull was one of the best! It was St. Patty's Thursday this year and people were dancing in the isles! This almost invisible "hole-in-the-wall" of a pub had a mediocre reasonable decour inside but a truely lively atmosphere to match! Definately a local pub used by the locals. English is fluent here and despite having to pay the cook directly for our food (a pleasant experience all by itself) we met the locals who even helped us get back to our hotel when we - ahem - had a little too much fun! The friend of the owner recognized we were from out of town and FOUND us a table and chairs in the crowded place (apparently she is from my home town!!) BTW: The music is cool too. Close quarters at the pool table though. Oitchers of beer are cheap! Definately a must see....

Rating:: 9/10
thrash@ | Guy|
Oakville, Ontario
The cock n bull is a perfect mix of old drunkards at the bar and cegep crowds everywhere else. Dont get me wrong, thats a good thing. It makes for a really relaxed Mad'Hatters atmosphere. Its the perfect 'hole'.

Rating:: 8/10
amy@ | Girl|

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