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What’s Montreal-Clubs.com?

Montreal-Clubs.com is an online nightlife magazine that has a new approach to covering Montreal’s dynamic and vibrant nightlife. We provide our readers with an extensive database of nightspot reviews, and furthermore, allowing the users to rate and post comments concerning these hotspots. However, what would a nightlife website be without music, fashion, party pictures, alcohol, and pick-up tips...nothing…and that is why we have incorporated these nightlife peripherals into monthly columns, making this website a complete and fresh online nightlife magazine for Montrealers and tourists.

We also provide a forum, on our message board, for party-goers to discuss a wide range of nightlife related topics. So whether you are looking for: a cool place to party, post a rant, read columns about the nightlife, or simply see what is happening in Montreal, then your night starts here at Montreal-Clubs.com.

What does Montreal-Clubs.com have to offer?

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Want to contribute to this website? Neither do we. Seriously though, we are looking for reviewers, writers, and photographersto do our work, so if you are interested then write to us at this spam bot free address.

Or would you rather do no work and party for FREE, kind of like what we do? Sign up to become a Montreal-Clubs Girl or a Montreal-Clubs Guy.

Who is Montreal-Clubs.com? (in alphabetical order)

Eugene - Director / Co-Founder / Office Slave (Read his blog TheHug, if you can find where it is hidden!!!) For corporate inquiries email sales {at} montreal - clubs {dot} com.
Clinton - Co-Founder
Fabrice - Co-Founder
Konstantin - Co-Founder
Phil - (Check out his baby, le site de la musique live au Saguenay SaguenayRock.freeservers.com)
Rob - Co-Founder

Who else is Montreal-Clubs.com? (in alphabetical order)

Theodor (He is the genius behind the site's original graphic design. Check out his amazing work at Mortadella TV (website is now defunct) or his personal web site)

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