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Canada's Grand Prix is On

We are back at it; Montreal is getting ready to host the 2006 Grand Prix, a week end of wild formula one car-racing. Yop, it doesnít happen that often in our beautiful fortress of North-America, so you better enjoy it while it lasts. On the week-end starting the 23rd of June, the little man-made island on the St-Laurence river known as Ile St-Helen will become the play ground of types like Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes, Williams F1 and many others.

And while these crazy boys fly their formula one cars around the Grand Prix track as if it was a bunch of toys, you, the consumer should either watch the race live (that is if you are one of the chosen ones), watch it on tv (if you are one of the normal ones) or just enjoy the myriad of activities that will rock Montreal during the Gran Prix week-end (if you just donít really care about seeing an engine on four weels turning around like a dog chasing its tail).

Thatís pretty much the spirit of the Grand Prix in Montreal: if you are a Formula 1 fan, perfect, you get to see the race live, hear the roar of the engines and spend the week-end under the sun. If you are not a Formula 1 fan, you still get to spend a crazy week end, with lots of street closed, live shows outside in the middle an extactic crowd. Thatís where comes in the Grand Prix picture: we want to show you what itís all about. So stay tuned, listings of all the Grand Prix week end are about to come on these pages, and weíll also provide a special page where those who sell or buy formula 1 tickets can connect and Ö well, find a ticket.

Schumacher's Ferrari
And to make your ride smooth, we set up some basic info here, like the travel directions to get to the grand prix race track, some Montreal hotels info, tons of links to Formula One picture galleries, and whatever other useless info we thought was actually useful.

Enjoy the ride...
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